Planned Evening Activities Off Campus

In order both to have fun and to try to make the city of Austin aware that Esperanto is alive and well in America, we are currently planning the following activites for Saturday and/or Sunday night. We hope that everyone will be wearing an Esperanto T-shirt or other identification so that a few thousand people will know we are there having fun and perhaps ask some questions about Esperanto.

Watching the Bats Emerge

Austin is home to 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats. They live under the most prominent bridge across the Colorado river, in the very heart of downton, about 4 blocks from the main entertainment district. When the emerge while the sun is setting, which they usually must do in the summer to have sufficient feeding time in the shorter nights of summer, they create an awesome spectacle. A living, barely audibly squeaking river of agile, shining erratic rockets zoom from under the bridge, darkening the often beautiful sunset. For typically 10 minutes the colony flows out, in a great mass visibly a mile long to wherever there feeding grounds are before dispersing.

Although they occasionally stay home, this is a sight worth seeing. There is plenty of room to watch from the bridge and the nearby parks. Typically several hundred Austinites are there every night in the summer. The show is typically over right as darkness falls, 8:30 p.m. in June.

The Austin Esperanto Pubcrawl

As of April 12th, sixteen people have indicated interest in a pubcrawl. This should combine fun and getting us out into the city where we can be seen by a lot of people. Please plan to wear a T-shirt or other eye-catching insignia that may make the city revellers notice Esperanto.

The pubcrawl will begin on Saturday night (June 11), immediately after the banquet. We currently imagine the banquet finishing about 9:30, but that could change. The downtwon district is about 4 miles from the Concordia campus, and there is no easy way to use public transportation that late on Saturday night to get there, and no way to return via public transportation. We will provide at least one 6-seat minivan with a driver for transporting people to and from Concordia, and are attempting to find other drivers.

Maps of our route with designated stops will be distributed.

Our basic plan is to arrive at the beginning of a "warehouse district", a moderately upscale entertainment district frequented by professionals and 30-somethings. We will visit Irish-style pubs offering a wide selection of specialty beers, and perhaps enjoy a small amount of singer-songriter style live music at one of the coffee shops.

We will walk East along 6th street. The walk is moderately demanding, being about 1 mile total, although we will spread it out of several hours. As you go East in the entertainment district, the crowds get progressively younger and wilder, and the music changes from (typically) acoustic folk to blues to rock to punk. Some of the live music clubs charge a $5 cover, others are free. As you move East the music in the bars gets louder and there are more college-age people and dancing. Our final rendezvous will be at 12:00am at the Iron Cactus, a laid-back margarita bar and restaurant with a spacious, cool, upstairs patio. We will then start walking back.

Our basic plan is to have the driver/s stop at known locations every hour to return people to Concordia. I (Rob Read) will be guiding the pubcrawl myself, and trying to keep everybody in a visible mass, and trying to make sure everybody has a fun, safe, and responsible time. Perhaps nobody will notice us, but be prepared to answer questions about Esperanto!

The current itinerary is: