Meal Plan

Meals at Concordia University at Austin

The meal plan, that is priced at $50, is recommended, for several reasons:

You will not be able to save money over the meal plans by eating in restaurants, though you can bring your own food and keep it in the refrigerators in the suites and use the microwaves to prepare it. The fridges do not have freezer space.

We reserve the right to make minor changes to this schedule.

The meal plan gives you:

All of the meals will be served together in the Concordia University cafeteria. The University will be largely empty during the Congress, except for us, so the cafeteria will basically be dedicated to us. The banquet will probably be Saturday night, and can be purchased separately. It will be a fancier meal.

The food service has no difficulty preparing vegetarian meals, which you should request on your registration form. The registration form also has a place to note any other special food needs. If you don't tell us about special needs, of course we cannot guarantee anything will happen about them.

There is one Tex-Mex cafe and one up-scale sandwich shop about 3 and 5 blocks, respectively, from the part of the campus where we will be staying.