Guest of Honor: Edwin de Kock

Mr. Edwin de Kock (1930–), a US citizen since 2000, was born in South Africa. He began to learn the International Language in May 1955 and by October of the same year wrote his first Esperanto poem. He went on to become a famous poet, with 10 published books of original verse. Numerous pieces, both poetry and prose, have also appeared in magazines, anthologies, and other collections. He has been translated into several languages, including English and Chinese. His most recent publication is the data CD, Testamente (2005), more than 500 pages of text. It is a huge selection from his work, some of it never published, including poems written in his current home state, Texas. Apart from poetry, it also contains more than 100 pages of prose about his art, his life, and how others—some of them eminent authors—have viewed or evaluated him. This and several books of his poetry are available. He has been a member of the prestigious Academy of Esperanto since 1973 and an Honorary Member of the International Esperanto Association since 2000. He led the Esperanto movement in South Africa as president for 12 years (1977-89). During his travels through 27 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and both the Americas, he has personally gained much from his use of Esperanto, inter alia as a member of the Pasporta Servo. Professionally he was mostly a teacher at high schools and colleges, in South Africa, Korea, and the United States, though sometimes he was also an editor, a translator, and—for one year—a missionary. He retired from academic work in 2000, after four years at the University of Texas Pan American, Edinburg, as a part-time writing professor. He has been married for half a century to Ria, his “muse,” who often features in his poetry, and has two sons and three grandchildren. A profile of Edwin de Kock and his wife Ria appeared in The Monitor (a Rio Grande Valley news source) 2005-02-22.

Additional presenters listed alphabetically:

Peter Browne

Dr. Prof. Browne is a poet whose works have appeared often in Fonto and various anthologies. He now resides in Texas.

Duncan Charters

Duncan Charters is professor of foreign languages at Principia College, Elsha, IL, where he has been a member of the faculty since 1974. Prior to this appointment, he was lecturer in foreign languages at Humboldt State University and also taught in regular and summer programs at a number of other colleges and universities. He has also served as program evaluator, consultant, and speaker for schools and organizations including the California and Illinois State Boards of Education.

In 1993, Mr. Charters taught in Switzerland as director of an international seminar for preparing language teachers and teacher trainers. In Spain, he was coordinator for the conference theme of the Esperanto World Congress, "Educating for the 21st Century." He gave the keynote address and contributed to related panel and workshop activities.

Mr. Charters' special interests include Spanish language and literature, teaching culture and listening comprehension, developing proficiency in language skills, and using technology in teaching. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Cambridge University and a doctoral degree from Indiana University.

Phil Dorcas

Phil Dorcas is a member of the ELNA board and active in AAIE, which will have a meeting during the congress. AAIE, the American Association of Instructors of Esperanto, is for those who have an interest in the teaching of Esperanto. Who can join? Professional teachers, current or past, in any field, and non-professional teachers who teach, taught, or will teach Esperanto, may become members of AAIE. Who can attend the meeting of AAIE? Everyone who has an interest in any type of teaching/learning of Esperanto. We welcome you to the AAIE meeting.


Dr. Ronald J. Glossop is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville (SIUE) near St. Louis. He also founded the Program for Peace Studies and served as its Coordinator during 25 years. He taught Esperanto at SIUE and also at nearby elementary schools. Professor Glossop has authored three books: Philosophy: An Introduction to its Problems and Vocabulary (Dell, 1974); Confronting War (Mc Farland, 1983; 4th ed. 2001); and World Federation? (McFarland, 1993; Esperanto translation Monda Federacio? by J. Rapley, 2001). He has lectured about contemporary global issues at various conferences about peace and other problems of the world community in the United States and many other countries--sometimes in English and sometimes in Esperanto. During the ELNA congress Ron will teach Esperanto for beginners.

Ursula & Giuseppe Grattapaglia (Brazil)

Ursula & Giuseppe Grattapaglia run the famous school/farm/orphanage Bona Espero in Brazil. They are also known for their philanthropic work and activity in Rotary International. They will speak at the congress about Bona Espero, humanitarian activism in Brazil, and related topics. They also will bring a documentary film in Esperanto about Bona Espero!

Don Harlow

Don Harlow maintains a gigantic webpage of links to Esperanto resources, including a huge library of freely available works in Esperanto.  Additionally, Mr. Harlow is an author of non-fiction, science fiction, critical reviews, and translations into Esperanto.

Jim Henry, "How to Organize a Convention" and "Poetry Recitation"

Jim Henry was born in 1973 in Decatur, Georgia. He started learning Esperanto in 1996 using the free online courses, and became more fluent in 1998 at the San Francisco Summer Course. He served on the organizing committe for ELNA's congress in Atlanta in 2000, and since 2003 has been ELNA's congress commissioner. He currently works as computer programmer. Homepage: http://www.pobox.com/~jimhenry/

How to Organize a Convention: a panel led by Jim and previous congress organizers.

Poetry Recitation: This is open to all. If you have a favorite, either recite it by heart, or bring a copy to to read aloud.

Dorothy Holland, Esperanto exams

Dorothy Holland administers the Esperanto exams and teaches Esperanto. There are three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each exam takes about 2 hours. The fee for each test is $5. You must sign up before the conference (the registration form has an option for this). For more information contact by e-mail dorothyh@west.net, by phone (805) 967-5241.

Tracy Huber

Tracy is a professional massage therapist. He will give free chair massages from time to time during the congress, and he will give a lecture about massage.

Li Shijun (Laŭlum)

Li Shijun (known by his pen name Laŭlum) is a Chinese Esperantist quite famous for his many translations of Chinese literature, instruction books, participation in many Esperanto events, and various activities for the movement. He is a member of the Academy of Esperanto. It is an honor and pleasure that he intends to travel from China to Texas to participate in our congress, with several relatives!

Fred Meyer

Dr. Fred Meyer is a North Texas Esperantist and physicist with a particular interest in the use of Esperanto in the scientific fields. He is also an active contributor to Vikipedio. He shall be lecturing on both subjects.

Anderson Mills

Anderson "Nehundo" Mills enjoys the Asian strategy game Go and will teach it during the congress. If we are lucky, he will also dance during the banquet.

OLADIPO Emmanuel Olusegun (Nigeria)

We are delighted that OLADIPO Emmanuel Olusegun, who lives in Nigeria, plans to attend the US Esperanto Congress. He founded a university Esperanto club and continues to work as a teacher and supporter of the Esperanto movement in Nigeria. Emmanuel will give a presentation about language issues in his country.

Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips has taught foreign languages (Spanish, French, Italian) professionally for over a dozen years, and recently taught the first Esperanto class with the University of Texas's Informal Classes. He will teach Esperanto during the congress.

Scott REDD

Scott runs radioarkivo.org and will talk about his work running the site and about Esperanto radio.

Haruo ROS'

Haruo ROS' was born in Seattle (1954) and lives there. He taught Esperanto in 1970 and was at the UK in Portland (1972). He enjoys translating (but the only actual published translation was the modest "Lasta Floro" by James Thurber (Bero, 1996)). Delegate of UEA en Seattle. Very active in the art of Christian hymns (14 works in ADORU). He is very into sushi, about which he will present during this congress, among other diverse topics.

Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Donald Jacob Uitvlugt is a doctoral candidate in theology at the University of Notre Dame. He became an esperantist in 2003, in part (but by no means solely!) as a refuge from working on his dissertation. He moderates the Esperanto Yahoo list about Japanese poetry "Japaneskoj". He will present on Japanese and Esperanto haiku. The Texas congress will be not only his first Esperanto congress, but also his first presentation in Esperanto. So be gentle! :)

Russ Williams

Russ Williams foolishly agreed to be a congress director, so you may complain to him about congress problems! Besides the usual Esperanto activities, he is particularly interested in Esperanto comics, film subtitling, Vikipedio, etc. He recently won a prize in the LIRO-2004 contest for his translation of the story "The Devil in the Belfry" by Edgar Allan Poe.

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