Below is a form that you can fill out to register online. If you want to send a paper registration form, you can either print this webpage or download a printable registration form (in PDF format or in DOC format) and send it to ELNA. (Note that even if you are paying by check, you don't have to use a paper registration form - you can register online before mailing your check.)

If you want to send a check and/or paper registration form, you may mail it to:
PO Box 1129
El Cerrito CA 94530

If you choose to complete the online form and click on the button "Register" at the bottom of the page, your information will be submitted to ELNA and the first step of registration will be done. To complete the registration, you will need to pay the registration cost. After clicking "Register" you will be taken to a page where you can type in your credit card information and pay online (the same system as when you order books from ELNA and pay online).

Please complete a separate form for each registrant.

Basic Information

Name preferred for nametag:
ZIP code:

This year, we have three classes of registrants:

(Note that kids aged 12 and under can register for free, though room and meal charges will still apply.)

Additionally, the prices are discounted for early registration:

Class of Registrant Before March 1 Before May 1 On or After May 1
Youth members, foreign guests, limited income: $35 $40 $50
ELNA members (non-youth): $50 $60 $80
Non-ELNA US residents: $70 $80 $100
Moral Supporter: $30 $30 $30
Business Supporter: $100 $100 $100

Congress fee includes the Friday reception, but the Saturday banquet and the meal services are optional but highly recommended.

Members of ELNA also receive a discount on purchases from ELNA's book service. If you are not a member of ELNA and want to join, use this online membership form for joining ELNA.

Registration categories Cost
Youth members, foreign guest, limited income: $
ELNA-member (non-youth) $
Non-ELNA US residents: $
Supporter (will not attend but will receive the congress materials and daily e-mail photos and summary) $30
Business Supporter (will not attend but will receive the congress materials and daily e-mail photos and summary, and support will be publicly mentioned and printed) $100


In an effort to make the total costs of the Congress as low as possible for all participants, we have chosen Concordia University of Austin as the site for the 2005 ELNA Congress. This site has nice modern air-conditioned dorm-room accomodations, for only $35/night. Please see our note for a fuller explanation of the dorm rooms and other available lodging.

Lodging for 3 nights $100
Lodging for Thursday night $35
Lodging for Friday night $35
Lodging for Saturday night $35
Lodging for Sunday night $35
Lodging for Monday night $35

Names of Preferred Suitemates (up to 3)

Meals and Banquet

Banquet $20
Meal Plan $50

Special dietary needs

Do you prefer vegetarian meals?
Do you have other special dietary needs?

Other special needs

Please elaborate other special consideration you may require, such as wheel-chair accessibility.

Help us make sure we you have a great Congress!

May we place your phone # in the program?
May we place your postal address in the program?
May we place your email address in the program?
Do you want to participate in the Saturday night pub crawl on 6th street?
Are you interested in a work project, such as cleaning a park?
Are you interested in an all-day excursion to a nature park on Tuesday after the congress?
Do you want your badge to show that you are a beginner?
Would you like to be a "buddy and helper" to a beginner?
Would you like to take an AAIE exam? ($5)
If so, what level? (Basic, intermediate, advanced)
Would you like to read, script-in-hand, in a short skit for children and beginners?
Would you like to read, script-in-hand, in a short skit for adults?
Will you telephone people to promote the Congress?
Would you like to be a speaker, teacher, performer, or lead some other type of activity? If so, tell us more:
  1. What sort of presentation - lecture, concert, conversation group guided by you, something else? What subject?
  2. Will you need equipment (VCR and television, projector and screen, etc) or have other technical needs?
  3. Will you be here the whole congress, or arrive late or leave early? Do you have a preferred time, or times you couldn't present?
How else would you like to help the Congress?


Total payable to ELNA (in US dollars)

After completing the form and clicking on the button "Register", you will be taken to a webpage where you can pay by credit card. If you would prefer, you can give your credit card information separately over the phone to ELNA at (510) 653-0998. Or you may send a check to: ELNA - Kongreso 2005, P.O. Box 1129, El Cerrito CA 94530, USA

Program Ideas

Please give us your ideas for how to make this a great Congress, including your ideas for a presentation, discussion, game, or other activity (and if you will help make your idea a reality, so much the better!):
Or send your idea to


If you are sure that you have correctly filled in the above form, click the button below to send it. You will be taken to a webpage where you will be able to type in your credit card information, if you wish to pay by that method.